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1.Holding onto Hope Bags: Thirty-One Thermal Bag- This thermal bag is given to the person that has cancer and caregiver to take with them to chemo or radiation treatments in order for them to keep food and drink items cold.

2.We Can Relate Program: This is where a staff or volunteer that has been diagnosed with cancer, in remission, survivor, or in treatment can speak with newly diagnosed cancer patients to help with support by phone, email, face to face visits, or facebook.

3. We Can Help Program: This program helps the family with obtaining health insurance, social security, different resources, and helps the family budget their money during cancer and help with paperwork assistance.

4. Meals on the Go Program: Meals prepared for individuals with cancer that don't have energy to cook or don't want to cook during their treatments. Volunteers deliver meals when needed and arranged with Holding onto Hope.

5.Prescription and Premiums Assistance Program: Provides assistance for individuals with cancer to help pay their copayments for prescriptions and doctor visits and health insurance premiums. If funding is available. We also help find resources to help pay for prescriptions as well.

6.Thanksgiving Program: This is a program where families and individuals impacted by cancer during and after cancer can be provided with a thanksgiving basket for the thanksgiving holiday.

7.Christmas Wish Program: A program during Christmas for adults to attend to get gifts for their children or immediate family members due to financial hardship with cancer. You are required to fill out a new Christmas Program Form during every year that you wish to participate (paperwork will not "carry over"). Forms will be available starting in September and we need to receive the forms back by November 11th. Christmas Program Form (registration form when available in September).

8.Gift Reward Program: Any cancer patient that is newly diagnosed, birthday, finished cancer treatments, or begins remission receives a gift from the gift closet. (When funding is available).

9.Cancer Coach Program: Each individual that has cancer will be able to have a cancer coach that can help them with questions, advocate, or help the individual with cancer and their families (caregivers) with their needs. This allows the cancer coach to be advocate and liaison to medical staff. Cancer Coach goes to the schools to advocate and set up guidelines for teachers, peers, and school professionals to help the child that has cancer in a school setting. Sitting with the person and comforting them during their treatment. Cancer Coach can also provide friendship and support by giving parents a break so they can eat, sleep, and shower.

10.Gift Card Program: This program allows are individuals to utilize gas or gift cards to get to their appointments, cafeteria gift cards for hospitals for food and prepaid parking tickets for their stay or during their time at the cancer centers of their choice. The regular day to day expenses of living do not stop when a person develops cancer. When talking with families there has been a huge need for food and gasoline and medical care parking cost as major needs of families that face cancer. We give the appropriate cards that are needed for families in need during these difficult times.

11.Holding onto Hope Merchandise Program: This is where we sell merchandise to raise money for our organization to help individuals with cancer with their needs. We will have different clothing, tote bags, blankets, and etc at our organization.

12. Workshops: Different Workshops will be offered throughout the year that relate to everyon's needs that relates to cancer or chronic illness from individual with cancer, chronic illness, caregivers, family members, to friends to general public.

13.Financial Assistance Program: To help ease financial burdens caused by the costs of medical care. (This program can help with transportation cost, parking passes, prescriptions, rent, mortgage, cell phone bill, utilities, car payments, car and home repairs, and etc. (When funding is available).

14.Resource Program: To help families find suitable resources in the area to help with their needs.

15. Social Butterfly Program: This program allows families to attend events and activities in the area to remain active and social in and around their community. This program allows individuals with cancer to be with their family or friends and distract them from the everyday stresses and anxiety that cancer brings (When funding is available).

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